And Get Traffic In As Little As 90 Days!


And Get Traffic In As Little As 90 Days!

Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars OR Hours Piecing Together A WordPress Website

See Why The SIMPLE BLOG METHOD is THE #1 Blogging Course In 2023!

12 Modules covering 20+hours of IN DEPTH affiliate marketing training, website setup, keyword research, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media traffic generation, and more!

11 Modules covering 15+hours of IN DEPTH affiliate marketing training, website setup, keyword research, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media traffic generation, and more!

Utilize new software with zero tech experience to build your first affiliate website IN MINUTES!

Learn how to target the BEST keywords to rank your blog on page 1 of Google FAST!

Leverage social media traffic to boost your search rankings and build a PROFITABLE email list on autopilot!

The SIMPLE BLOG METHOD™  Is A Complete Step-by-Step Course on How To Successfully Build A Profitable Affiliate Blog Without Any Tech Experience...

Built on efficiency and simplicity, the SIMPLE BLOG METHOD™

 harnesses new revolutionary software which levels the playing 

field in the affiliate blogging space.

My Mission:

"To Help 1000+ Beginners Build Highly Profitable Affiliate Blogs That Get Traffic & Sales On Autopilot"


I am a 19 active duty Coast Guard Officer and successful 3+ year affiliate marketer passionate about helping beginners build a successful online business with affiliate marketing.

After three years of trial and error, I found what I had been looking for… a way to create an authentic, automated passive income for years with unlimited traffic.

Out of my passion for teaching, the SIMPLE BLOG METHOD™ was created.

-Jamar Jones

"Why An Affiliate Blog, Jamar?"

The truth is there are a lot of "Shiny Objects" out there...

But very few are actually profit and time-friendly while lifestyle-pleasing...

I know... cause I've tried them all.




And yes, some worked & I made some money... But I wasn't happy.

I wasn't creatively fulfilled...

I didn't feel like I was genuinely helping people solve real problems... 

So after months of trying to figure out what to do, with three kids and wife at home,

I knew I had to do something...

I had to create a business that served our lifestyles too... not just monetarily.

So I did.

I followed my advice, invested in courses, and created my content machine, which had allowed me to "Manifest My Reality."

After achieving success in affiliate marketing, I set out to create a duplicatable system anyone could replicate, including a person brand new to digital marketing...

I Figured Out That All you have to do is know how To:

  • A) Choose highly profitable niches to promote in (I teach you how to do that)
  • B) Build an affiliate blog website (I also teach you how to do that)
  • C) Create evergreen searchable content (so you can have years of search optimized traffic visiting your website paying you commissions)

And here's the best part... The software and systems are perfectly designed for the beginner and expert alike. 

Imagine spending the next seven days choosing your niche, setting up your website, finding excellent keywords to attack, and getting your first pages up, indexed, and ranking on your site.

You would now have a digital asset working for you 24/7 (without having to manage people, create daily content, or spend money on ads all day.)

You'd get to be creative (and turn a niche you're passionate about into a profitable online business.)

Not only that, but you would start making money from home (without trading time for money!)

These are just a few of the benefits, but that's not all...

There's so much pleasure in building something great... the feeling of real momentum.

The belief that you can do anything you set your mind to and build a true legacy living the life you were meant to live...

If this sounds like something, you've been waiting for... 

You'll love the SIMPLE BLOG METHOD™.

I'd love to bring you into my family of successful entrepreneurs.

Check out the link below to get started!

The LAST Course You'll Ever Need On Building An Affiliate Marketing Blog

 If all the (Affiliate Marketing) training below were sold separately, you could expect to pay $1k each... but I know firsthand that you will need all the training under one roof to be successful.

On Page & Off Page SEO

Utilizing Social Media Traffic

Building Relationships With Email To Your Audience

Setting Up Data Tracking For Website Optimization

Digital & Affiliate Marketing Training

Converting Website Traffic Into Repeat Buyers On Autopilot

1) Affiliate Marketing Basics

  • While affiliate marketing can be pretty complex, I break down what affiliate marketing is and how it works in this module. I also detail how to choose the right niche and position yourself as the authority.

  • ​You will also learn how to explore the largest digital affiliate marketplaces to find the perfect products to promote through your blog. We will identify what the best and worst traffic sources are.

  • ​Lastly, I will break down the difference between a website and a funnel, why collecting emails is priority number one, and how you can generate targeted traffic by building a community.

2) On-Page & Off-page SEO Training

  • I break down and simplify the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I explain how it works, why it works, and how you can leverage it for years of sustained hot traffic.

  • ​The world online may involve words like domains and hosting that you aren't familiar with. I will describe it, so it's not so scary, and how to purchase your first domain if you haven't ever bought one.

  • ​There are many ranking factors to get your blog onto page 1 of Google. I cover the essential on-page aspects such as meta titles and the exact places to put your keyword.

3) Complete Website Set-Up

  • This is the cornerstone of the entire method. We no longer have to struggle for weeks and months learning how to build a website. We can leverage the simple tech provided by to develop our blog faster than ever imagined.

  • ​Complete start to finish set up of your affiliate blog. We will connect your custom domain, link your site to Google Search Console, and set up your backend analytics to analyze your traffic.

  • ​Most importantly, we will cover how to embed custom HTML and hyperlink out anchor text and images to your affiliate products.

4) Keyword Research Strategies

  • Having a comprehensive keyword research strategy is the difference between ending up on page 1 of google and never reaching the top 10. I help you find the best keywords utilizing new tech so you can target words you can rank for fast.

  • ​You can utilize numerous tools, and I cover a bevy of free and paid tools to do the dirty work for you. 

  • ​Get a leg up on your competitors by researching what's working for them and doing them one better. A simple keyword scaling strategy lesson will help you have endless content for months.

5) Article Writing Strategies

  • Believe it or not, there is a basic article structure you should follow when posting content on your affiliate blog. I will provide a template you can follow to get it right the first time.

  • ​A popular strategy is outsourcing your article writing to build your blog fast. I will cover 5+ resources you can use to automate your writing process. Additionally, I provide you with my go-to resource to give to your team of writers for specific guidance to receive the best quality writing products.

  • ​Lastly, in this module, I cover using AI software and spin rewriters who can dramatically cut down the time you spend researching and writing.

6) Email Marketing & Automation

  • Without collecting emails, you don't have a chance to raise your lifetime customer value. Automating this process is one part of the affiliate marketing puzzle.

  • ​I will show you how to increase your conversions in collecting emails by optimizing your landing pages and what the best tools are so you can remarket to your audience for months, if not years.

  • ​To be an official website, you need a branded email. This lesson will teach you how to create a branded email so you show your audience that you're an actual website.

7) Social Media traffic Generation Strategies

  • ​Social media is a huge source of traffic for affiliate blogs today. From Instagram to TikTok, leveraging short-form content can drive highly targeted traffic to your blog and skyrocket your chances of receiving a commission. 

  • ​Leveraging Pinterest can provide sustained traffic for up to and over three years off of one simple image. This module will cover how to create infographics quickly and video idea pins to build a raving audience and help you make a responsive email list.

  • ​Lastly, YouTube represents another source of SEO traffic you can harness for long-tailed keywords. I will cover how to create a YouTube channel so you can rank on page 1 for YouTube for the keywords you are targeting.

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"If you have a limited amount of time and you really want to learn how to do affiliate marketing at a high level and build a long-term sustainable business then this is definitely something you want to look into."

- J. Henderson

The 6 'Must Haves' If You Want to Grow A Wildly Profitable Affiliate Blog Business



Email Marketing

Digital Marketing Skills

Converting hot sEO traffic

High-Converting Copywriting

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Total Value: $6,117

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Here's What You Get When You Enroll In The Simple Blog Method Today:

Enroll TODAY For Fast Action Bonuses:

Total Value: $6,117

Normally: $997


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However, I want to make sure you understand that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and your results will vary significantly. In fact, statistics show many won't even finish this course. Your success will depend on many factors including how much consistent action you take, your implementation of the course, the quality of your posts and the niche you choose, and so much more.

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